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          About Us

          Wharf Street Financials combines the fundamentals of Peer-to-Peer and OTC exchange apart from imbibing a BITHASHEX platform to leverage on legit utility tokens without any hassle for both businesses and subscribers
          Exchange Rates Education TradeSecurely

          What We Do

          Wharf Street Financials is the best decentralized, fast and reliable P2P exchange which provides robust solutions to the on-going problems.
          Trade SecurelyTrade tokens securely and hassle free
          Exchange RatesBest comparison exchange rates in every possible gateway
          EducationForex and crypto education along with leverage to trade once traders are CMT certified

          Current Challenges & their solutions


          Complicated Interface

          High Trading Fees

          Security Concern



          Most exchanges are not user-friendly and have a non-interactive user interface

          Most of the well-known exchanges are charging heavy fees including hidden cost

          Many exchanges use a single private key to secure hot wallets making it vulnerable to hack

          No proper manual/ guide to trade

          WSF Solution

          We provide users with manual guide, video tutorial on basic trading as well dummy trading building confidence among early crypto investors

          Most of the well-known exchanges are charging heavy fees including hidden cost

          Our exchange is compliant with PCI DSS standards making it most secure exchange worldwide

          Learning tools provided to users on blockchain and training with live trading session

          Presale Bonuses

          0 %
          1 ETH = 1500 HVR
          1 day only. Invest now and get 1500 HVR for one ETH
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          1 ETH = 1200 HVR
          1 day only. Invest now and get 1500 HVR for one ETH
          0 %
          1 ETH = 1100 HVR
          1 day only. Invest now and get 1500 HVR for one ETH
          0 %
          1 ETH = 800 HVR
          1 day only. Invest now and get 1500 HVR for one ETH

          Attributes of BithashEx

          Crypto-currency has taken over the world by a huge storm, it has become extremely common amongst everyone in the world. Everyone is familiar with the concept of crypto-currency and they know how it can be beneficial for them.

          Cryptocurrency is a digital currency and it is used as a medium for exchange, it is an alternative to real money and its value is higher than normal money.

          Wharf Street Financials is a well-established and renowned company which is based in Canada and Malta is bringing you a new business solution which will astonish you and give such great benefits. The solution is called BithashEx. This is a new and original solution which has been developed for making the use of crypto transactions easy for you and this idea will provide you with everything you might need.

          BithashEx is a platform which include user-centric exchanges for fiat and cryptocurrency, it also has peer to peer lending services and it comprises of training solution and global remittance. This is just the tip of the iceberg and there are a lot more features and benefits that you can get from this newly launched solution. BithashEx has been designed with the feature of crypto-currency and fiat financial services.

          This platform has been designed by keeping in mind to make it simple, functional and secure for the people who will use it. These three factors are crucial for doing anything and especially when it is related to something like this. You need simplicity for people to comprehend the systematics of the idea you have provided them with, you need functionality so that interaction with the solution can be smooth and so that you face no problems at all and security is pretty self-explanatory because it is a very important factor when it comes to solutions like these. This solution reduces the risks you have to take before entering a market, it guides you to do the right things so that you can get everything done the correct way to make the most out of the market.

          BithashEx users are privileged with the usage of trading multiple cryptocurrencies and fiats on a single platform, it allows users to keep their currency in one place, and it gives you the access of different knowledge base materials so that you can become an expert trader.

          This platform is one of its kind, it allows all types of users, borrowers, investors and anyone interested in these activities to become better at trading and others, it will improve their skills as an investor and it will allow them to be more competitive in the market. A beginner would make rookie mistakes so it helps in reducing the risks of making these mistakes and take them from being a rookie to a professional in no time.

          This solution is second to none when it comes to innovation and it is ensured that it will be a booming idea in the market, it will reach such great heights due to its qualities and attributes. If you want your product or service to be successful in today’s world then you should bring something unique, easy to understand and functional to the table and BithashEx offers all of that.

          of that.




          Jafar Safari

          CEO & President


          Ali Jafari

          Chartered Professional Accountant Inc


          Carmen Celeste

          CyberSecurity and Threat Hunter


          Dr. Farrokh Amini

          CCO & Compliance Officer


          Mohit Sirohi

          Tech Director

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